ManifoldsBase.jl is a lightweight interface for manifolds.

This packages has two main purposes. You can add it as a dependency if you plan to work on manifolds (generically) or if you plan to define own manifolds in a package. For a package that (only) depends on ManifoldsBase.jl, see Manopt.jl, which implements optimization algorithms on manifolds using this interface. These optimisation algorithms can hence be used with any manifold implemented based on ManifoldsBase.jl.

For a library of manifolds implemented using this interface Manifolds.jl.

Your package is using ManifoldsBase? We would like to add that here as well. Either write an issue or add yourself by forking, editing this file and opening a PR.


If you use ManifoldsBase.jl in your work, please cite the following paper, which covers both the basic interface as well as the performance for Manifolds.jl.

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Note that the citation is in BibLaTeX format.