The package Manifolds aims to provide a library of manifolds to be used within your project. The implemented manifolds are accompanied by their mathematical formulae.

The manifolds are implemented using the interface for manifolds given in ManifoldsBase.jl. You can use that interface to implement your own software on manifolds, such that all manifolds based on that interface can be used within your code.

For more information, see the About section.

Getting started

To install the package just type

] add Manifolds

Then you can directly start, for example to stop half way from the north pole on the Sphere to a point on the the equator, you can generate the shortest_geodesic. It internally employs log and exp.

using Manifolds
M = Sphere(2)
γ = shortest_geodesic(M, [0., 0., 1.], [0., 1., 0.])
3-element Array{Float64,1}: